BUG GUARD Grass Seed Mixture

During the summer months lawns are susceptible to bugs like grubs, cinch bugs, bluegrass billbugs, armyworms, cutworms, and sod webworms. In no time they can destroy sections if not the whole lawn area. Your lawn becomes their smorgasbord.

In the past the remedy was to get out the sprayer and kill everything in the area. This included both pest and beneficial critters. This had to be done on a day when the temperature was right, the wind was right, and someone with a license was available to do it. In today’s world of litigation it is time to rethink this approach. It is time to use a more organic approach to controlling these pests that eat your lawn.

BUG GUARD is a unique blend of grasses which manage these pests through genetic engineering of the turf plant. In simple language when the pest chews on the grass a fungus is transferred from the grass to the pest and kills the pest. This fungus is not harmful to humans or pets. So, there is no more need for spraying and subjecting yourself or others to that concern. Simply incorporate these grasses in with your lawn via seedilizing your lawn. Here are the steps:

1.   Mow lawn to a height of l”and remove clippings

2.   Aerify lawn

3.   Broadcast BUG GUARD over existing lawn at rate of 8-10#/1000 sqft.

4.   Rake or drag seed into holes

5.   Keep moist for a 2 week period

6.   Fertilize with starter fertilizer after 2 week period

7.   Mow after third week.

It is recommended that you do this a min of every other year to insure insect control.  In addition to increasing the insect control of your lawn you will enjoy these added benefits:

1.   Increased turf density for control of weeds

2.   Increased drought tolerance

3.  Increased salt tolerance

4.  Improved color

5.  Increased shade tolerance





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