Cemeteries use turf to cover those that have passed on.  There is reverence of a nice lawn which brings comfort to the living.  But, by law the turf has to be maintained for eternity.  Most cemeteries have an endowment fund which provides the monies to do this.  Some cemeteries receive tax revenue for their care.  Either way, it is a financial strain to keep a cemetery looking nice,  So, the type of grass selected can have a major impact on maintenance budget.  After interviewing several Sextons and grounds keeps, Agronotec Seed has formulated a very special mix of grasses for the Cemetery environment.  The mix has the following attributes:

1) Reduced growth… this means less LABOR, less WEEDEATING, and less WEAR on equipment

2) Dark green genetic color…this requires minimal to no fertilizer

3) High bug resistance…Bugs that chew on grass will die thus eliminating need for insecticides

4) Fast Germination…no need to resod opened gravesites to mend.  New grass in as little as 5 days.

5) Self Fertilizing…no need for granular fertilizers

6) Drought tolerant…roots have been recorded to a depth of 5′

7) Aleotrophic ability… has natural ability to combat crabgrass and other weedy grasses

8) Shade and full sun tolerant

9) Non aggressive…means high reduction of WEEDEATING

So protect yourself against future high maintenance cost and put CEMETURF in new sections.  Consider changing the existing turf by following the steps below:

STEP #1: Spray turf dead via us of glyphosate

STEP #2: After turf is dead mow to height of less that 1 inch

STEP #3: Either broadcast or hydroseed Cementurf over dead stubble

STEP #4: If you broadcast, drag seed into soil.

STEP #5: Water as needed to germinate

STEP #6: Fertilize after germination

This process from green to green again will take approx 30 days.  The only way to make drastic cuts on the maintenance and maintain beauty is to change the turf.  It is like a black car…looks great if it is not far from a car wash.


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