Desert Plains Buffalo Grass Seed

Introducing Desert Plains Buffalo Grass® Seed by Agrono-Tec


Water is getting more expensive and in some areas scarcer. Dust and sand blowing or the look of Zero Scape isn’t what the client is looking for? Or, perhaps you are trying to hold a hillside in place. A product that would work in the above scenario is Desert Plains Buffalo Grass seed blend. This is a great blend of buffalo grasses which are leafier than bermuda grass, as salt tolerant, and are stingy on the water usage.

The Desert Plains Buffalo Grass Seed grows roots that are deep and creep and establish themselves fairly quickly. The annual growing height is 6-8”. So, they can be mowed or not mowed. This is a warm season grass mix so planting between May and Sept is essential. Each pod holds several seeds and the seed is treated with KNO3 to aid in germination.
These grasses are not deep green like unto the cool season grasses. They reflect the light thus having a lower ET rate. Mixing with Blue Gramma grass is an option for faster establishment and fill in.    

Attributes of Desert Plains Buffalo Grass seed blend:

  • Very deep rooting                      
  • Winter dormancy
  • Low fertility requirement
  • Moderate salt tolerance
  • Moderate to slow aggressiveness
  • Minor thatch accumulation
  • Very low maintenance requirements

They have a low tolerance to wear so they are not recommended for athletic fields or areas of high traffic.
Seeding rate: 4 lbs/1000 sq ft.


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