This product is a mixture of elite Kentucky bluegrass varieties and elite perennial ryegrass varieties. It will consist of a minimum of 3 Kentucky bluegrass and 2 perennial ryegrass.

Compared to our Intermountain 80/20 mix there will be a more equal share of each cultivar. This product will show more wear tolerance, faster establishment, higher salt tolerance, darker genetic color, higher insect resistance and a lower thatch accumulation.
This product should be mowed at a cutting height of ½”-2”. Depending on the level of maintenance given it the frequency of mowing may be 1-2x/wk.
This product is more widely suited for overseeding ballfields in the northern climates. It is also used where effects from wear and salt are prevalent. It can be used on tees, fairways, and rough areas. Recommended seeding times are between late Mar-late September. A seeding rate of 8-10#/1000 sq ft is recommended.


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