This is a mix of 80% bluegrass and 20% perennial ryegrass. It consists of a minimum of 3 elite varieties of bluegrass and 2 elite varieties of perennial ryegrass. This product will eventually predominate as a Kentucky bluegrass lawn. The perennial ryegrass is there as a nurse crop or to slightly improve the product via endophyte enhancement, wear tolerance, quicker establishment, etc.

The recommended seeding rate is 7-9#/1000 sq ft.

In northern climates this should be planted when soil temperatures exceed 45 degrees F. It should not be planted when soil temperatures exceed 90 degrees F. Germination time will be between 5-10 days with the first plant to germinate being perennial ryegrass.

This is ideally suited for low traffic areas such as homelawns, commercial projects that will see minimal traffic and light industrial. It is suited for soils that are well drained and low levels of salt. A ph tolerance of 5.1-7.5 is recommended.

A mowing height of ½”-2” is recommended. Usually a mowing frequency of 1-2x/wk is required depending on fertility and water availability.

This is a moderate to high water using product.

It will display great color, texture, and slight stripeability.



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