Less Water II® – Drought Resistant Grass Seed by Agrono-Tec  
Where reduced water consumption collides with beauty 

LessWater II®..either you have less water to give to your plants because you are on a well, or perhaps you are in a drought stricken area where water authorities are allocating water, or you just want to do right by the community and nature and you want to plant a turf that requires less water.

If any or all of those reasons hit home with you then LessWater II® is a product worth considering.

LessWater II® is a blend of dwarf tall fescue which has a root system that grows deep for acquiring water. Many shallow rooted grasses need frequent watering but LessWater II® needs infrequent deep water to accommodate its vast root system.

LessWater II® is a coarser bladed lawn than Kentucky bluegrass and it grows about 5″ more per year than Kentucky bluegrass. It is as dark green as Kentucky bluegrass, but it far more shade tolerant. LessWater II® will germinate quickly-usually in 5-10 days. In 4-6 weeks it will be ready for mowing. The seeding rate is 10#/1,000 sq. ft. on a new lawn and 6-8#/1,000 sq. ft. for a lawn that needs to be overseeded. It can be overseeded into an existing lawn, but the water savings of that lawn will not be altered much because of the need to keep higher-water-using turf alive.

A concrete border may or may not be required. The fertilization requirements are dependent on your soil type and growing conditions. We suggest contacting your local agent or nursery. Mow in opposite directions to avoid ruts and mulching is always recommended. LessWater® is available in sod in select markets.

LessWater II® Drought Resistant Grass Seed will provide you with:                                                      

1.   Fast germination
2.   Lower water requirements                                                  
3.   Repairability
4.   Shade tolerance
5.   Good winter color (in southern states)
6.   Shorter dormancy (in northern states)
7.   Good mowability
8.   High drought tolerance
9.   Deep root structure                    
10. Lower fertilizer requirements
11. Less pesticide usage.
12. Drought resistant grass seed

LessWater  II® will be the lawn that is the envy of the neighborhood!                   






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