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Agrono-Tec offers a variety of Forage Mixes

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Horse Pasture Grass Seed Mix

This is a permanent pasture. It is endophyte-free so it doesn’t have any funguses bred into it, which could be harmful to horses. It is non-invasive and tolerates moderate amounts of salt. In southern climates it will be green year round. It has moderate drought tolerance, is easily digestible and recovers well. Supplemental irrigation would be required to hold it through the summer months. This product displays a resounding ability to rebound after foraging. Seed rate is 50-75 lbs/acre.

Cattle Pasture Grass Seed Mix

This is a permanent, self-fertilizing mix of cool season grasses. It requires supplemental irrigation. It will establish quickly and has low/moderate drought tolerance. It has the potential to be green year round in southern climates. It is palatable and is easily digestible. It is invasive, with a predominance of bunch type grasses. Recommended seeding rate is 50-75 lbs/acre.

Economy Pasture Grass Seed Mix

This is predominately made up of annual grasses. There will be a quick establishment. It is invasive and will germinate with minimal water. Light foraging is recommended if you want it to re-seed itself. It is self-fertilizing and will attract bees. Recommended seeding rate of 75-100 lbs/acre.

Irrigate Pasture Grass Seed Mix

This product displays the ability to germinate quickly. It has grasses with a tetraploid amount of chromosomes which means that it recuperates quickly after foraging. It is a mixture of cool season grasses so it has the potential of being green year round in southern climates. This product is invasive with low/moderate salt tolerance. Seed rate of 50-75 lbs/acre.

Dryland Pasture Grass Seed Mix

Where adequate water is questionable you might consider our Dryland Mix. This product will germinate with a normal precipitation. This precipitation needs to be concentrated in a short time frame though to allow germination. It is not designed for a permanent pasture. When moisture is depleted this product will die. But it will drop seed allowing for some re-growth the following year. It has the ability to self-fertilize itself. Low/moderate foraging is recommended. Seed rate of 50-75 lbs/acre is recommended.

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